Texas Allied Petroleum is an oil extraction company that funds itself privately and is located mainly in Austin, Texas. It started off as a natural gas exploration and extraction company but the decline in the prices of 2008 made this company shift towards oil extraction and production as well.
The company is involved in the production of a variety of things. Currently it is dealing in exploration, development and production of natural gas as well as oil reservoirs that are present in the Texas Gulf Coast. The company is very active and aggressive in regard with its presence and is known as a tough top competitor in the oil industry. It started its oil production in the US which is known as the birth place of the entire oil industry. This company is entirely committed towards giving quality services and products to people. This company started off in the November of 2005 and it has been flourishing with an unmatchable speed since then.
Here, it is crucial to mention that right now Texas Allied Petroleumis taking out an excess of around 500,000 cubic feet of natural gas in every twenty-four hours that pass by and recently it also took part in the drilling and testing of a 2,200ft well that is in Coffee Country, Kansas. Just in the previous year In the month of February 2010, Texas Allied Petroleum ended up the screening and drilling of the well that is known ad Wilson/Todd.Plus, TAP Inc. Meanwhile in the same time, Texas Allied Petroleum Company also bought a 300acre fossil oil and gas lease in the field of Henry Crooks, Lavaca County, Texas.
Texas Allied Petroleum has also declared that it has a few projects to develop and test up to 4 wells in the Yegua sand. After some time it also participated in the making of Neuman#1, a 10,000ft. Well in Liberty Country, Texas.
The organization has been working aggressively standing as the top notch competitive petroleum and natural gas extractor and manufacturer. It has been expanding the horizons of its business widely in less time. This organization has recently shown its interest also in the Main Pass 35 project; the project comprises of 15 wells in total, which are offshore. The formation of this project would increase not only their production but it will give a great boost to their revenues on the whole.



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The Texas Allied PetroleumCompany has been operating by itself since 2005; funding its oil extraction operations in the US privately without any outsourced help. US is known to be the birthplace of oil extraction processes and is referred to as the birthplace of the petroleum extraction industry. Allied Company started developing its own production along with the Gulf Coast and with the other mid-continent regions. After a long struggle and aggressive work, it finally came up with its own diversified portfolio which keeps on adding new things until today.
In the United States, there are several fields out there even today that are known to have oil in them and also there are 33 states that are known to be rich with natural gas and oil production operations within them. Due to these factors, the US is counted as one of the oldest petroleum region. US also has quite a few giant oil fields around among which few are known to be a century old already. The giant fields are usually the ones that are found before the little ones are seen and discovered by people.
The Texas Allied Petroleumis not only known for its private oil extraction operations but it is also an independent oil and natural-gas exploration company. Allied Petroleum operates in two basic ways: the first one is by discovering the new fields in the geologically marked targets and the other way is to do so by utilizing the already drilled out fields by other sectors. The operations of Texas Allied Company cover all large and small fields for extraction purposes.
Texas is the base of Allied Petroleum while they have many other sites for operations. These sites include Wyoming, Kansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma and New Mexico.
At the very beginning, the company solely concentrated on its natural-gas exploration and its collection. Later on the prices of natural gas production went on a steady decline in 2008 which made this company turn its head towards oil production. Oil production was there but so was the demand for natural gas, this made the company adapt a diversified approach and it started the production of oil as well as natural gas. Natural gas and oil both were getting extracted by this company which brought in huge revenues. This organization is also showing its interest on the Main Pass 35 project which would boost the production and will cater the needs of more organizations in regard with petroleum.